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By the time you are made aware of a government agency’s suspicions of insider trading, there is a very good chance that you or the company you work for has already been under investigation for months. Once you believe that charges may be brought against you, you should immediately begin working with an experienced attorney to develop a legal strategy that will challenge and combat those charges.

At Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm, our Baton Rouge attorneys understand just how much of your professional and personal lives will depend upon the outcome of this case. Since our legal team includes both a former U.S. Attorney and a former federal prosecutor, we can help you anticipate the tactics the federal prosecutors behind your charges are likely to utilize and create a strategy that will defend against them.

Insider Trading

Even if the only thing you know is that your company is being investigated for disclosing any form of nonpublic information, there is a chance that you may be indicted if the investigating agency believes that you bought or sold stock with that information in mind. However, charges of insider trading may be further expanded to include any person who acted with access to such nonpublic information, including the following people:

  • Friends and associates of company insiders
  • Legal, brokerage, or banking employees who service the company
  • Government employees with access to nonpublic information

Whatever the particulars of the allegations that have been leveled against you happen to be, our Baton Rouge legal team possesses the resources and the experience you will need to develop a comprehensive legal strategy for your defense.

Consult with an Insider Trading Attorney in Baton Rouge

If you even suspect that you or your company may be under investigation by the SEC or any other federal agency, you should speak with one of the Baton Rouge insider trading defense lawyers at Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm about the other precautions you should now be taking. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our experienced attorneys, please call our offices in Baton Rouge at (225) 650-7400 today.

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