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I’ve worked with Don on many cases for almost 20 years. During that time period Don has been a great friend and mentor. He possesses a remarkable legal mind. His work ethic is unmatched, and I look forward to working with him for many more years.

Lonny Guidroz, Attorney
Stan Lemelle was very fair, very competent and very aggressive when he had to be. He won’t be on the sidelines long. He’s going to be hard to keep down. He was one of those you think will never retire.

T.C. “Tommy” Damico, Defense Attorney
Lane had a reputation for being a fair and reasonable prosecutor. He was prepared for court and successful in the courtroom. As a criminal defense lawyer, Lane has a proven ability to work with prosecutors achieve the best potential outcome for his client. His credibility with the court, prosecutors and other defense lawyers makes him an effective advocate.

Mark Upton, Attorney
Don investigated and found that my brother had died from a heatstroke because of his employer’s neglect and carelessness. We wanted that company to know the severity of what they had done and to take responsibility for it. With Don’s help, we accomplished this. We gave most of the settlement money to charity, because it wasn’t about the money, it was about justice. My brother couldn’t stand up for himself, so we were grateful that Don could for him. Without Don, no one would know what happened to him and to our family.

Client wishes to remain anonymous
I thought he (Cazayoux) was absolutely super. Don knows how to use power in a balanced way. And he knows how to use it fairly and with compassion where compassion is needed.

C. Frank Holthaus, Defense Attorney
No one could replace Stan and all that he did at the U.S. Attorney’s office. He was the cornerstone. I hope he never ever comes back to the defense side because he is a tough competitor.

Walt Green, U.S. Attorney
I had the pleasure of practicing with Lane when he worked in my office. We worked on numerous cases together. Lane’s work ethic, intellect and attitude are second to none. I would whole heartedly recommend him to my friends and colleagues, and look forward to associating with him on many cases in the future.

John Wayne Jewell, Attorney
Don and I served together as U.S. Attorneys. During our time in the Department of Justice together, Don established himself as a crusader against fraud. As a lawyer in private practice, Don is a zealous advocate on behalf of working people and a champion of the underdog.

Jerry Martin, U.S. Attorney

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