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Baton Rouge Degenerative Disc Disease Lawyer

Catastrophic accidents can activate degenerative disc disease or make the symptoms associated with this condition significantly worse. Bearing that in mind, you may be able to pursue compensation to help cover the expenses associated with treating your degenerative disc disease, even if your degenerative disc disease was a pre-existing condition. Though your insurer may try to argue that they do not have any responsibility to cover a condition that you already had, an experienced attorney can help you show that the condition was made worse, or was initiated in the first place, by your accident.

At the Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm, our Baton Rouge degenerative disc disease lawyers understand just how difficult insurance companies can be to deal with, and we can help you develop a comprehensive legal strategy to pursue all of the compensation your situation warrants. We can evaluate your claim and then help you take any legal action necessary to help you offset the significant costs that could be associated with the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Filing a Degenerative Disc Disease Claim

There is no reason that an insurer should be denying a claim for compensation to help cover the costs associated with treating the symptoms of degenerative disc disease that were activated or made worse in a serious accident. That being said, you should strongly consider reaching out to an attorney if an insurer takes any of the following stances toward your claim:

  • Wrongly arguing your claim is not valid because you had pre-existing symptoms
  • Wrongly denying that your injuries could not have been related to the accident
  • Pressuring you into a quick, but unfair, settlement

Though this may be a difficult time for you and your family, it will be in your best interests to begin the legal process as soon as possible. Once we are able to get going on your case, we can help you do what is necessary to put this legal matter behind you once and for all.

Consult with a Degenerative Disc Disease Attorney in Baton Rouge

If you or someone you love was in an accident that activated or made worse the symptoms of degenerative disc disease, you have every reason to pursue compensation to help you pay for your resulting losses. To speak with a Baton Rouge degenerative disc disease lawyer at the Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm about the particulars of your claim, please call our offices at (225) 650-7400 today.

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